A well prepared business stays in business

A water leak and flood protection system for all your business needs

Leakomatic Pro1 detects water leaks and prevents extensive water damage by automatically shutting off the water supply. The system can also decrease the water waste in properties by detecting leaking faucets and toilets.

Leakomatic Pro1 is perfect for:

  • Schools, daycares and senior housing
  • Public buildings
  • Business and industrial properties
  • Apartment buildings and highrises

New! The Pro-X is the new water leak breaker designed for construction sites. After building completion the Pro-X can easily be moved to the next site

Leakomatic Pro-series are now also equipped with a volume test that effectively shut off the water supply if the water flow suddenly gets too high

  • The ultimate protection against water leaks in large buildings
  • Fulfills BREEAM (WAT03) reguirements

Customize Leakomatic based on your needs

If your business require constant water supply to operate, your Leakomatic Pro1 will notify you about leaks, but it won’t shut off the water. This way, staff will be informed about any leaks without putting business operations at risk.

Size Product code Kv-value [m3/h]
DN20 P1I-N20-C 5,8
DN25 P1I-N25-C 11,0
DN32 P1I-N32-C 18,0
DN40 P1I-N40-C 24,0
DN50 P1I-N50-C 40,0
2xDN40 P1I-N40-C2 48,0
2xDN50 P1I-N50-C2 80,0
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Always stay in the know

Leakomatic notifies you about leaks instantly. You can turn off the water supply no matter where you are, as long as you’re connected to the internet.

The Leakomatic system also collects data on the water use. Through automated updates, you’ll always know exactly what’s going on.

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Why choose Leakomatic?

  • 1

    Custom setup

    We know that every property is different. That’s why Leakomatic allows you to easily customize the setup based on your property’s water supply and infrastructure.

  • 2

    Always on

    As long as you have internet access, you can monitor the health of your properties on your desktop, laptop or mobile 24/7.

  • 3

    User-centric approach

    Leakomatic Cloud was developed to handle unlimited amounts of data and users making it easy for you to manage multiple properties.

  • 4

    Data analysis

    The Leakomatic systems provides you with a beautiful visualization of water usage on a daily, weekly and monthly basis. Easily export data into Excel for in depth analysis.

  • 5

    Instant notifications

    Property managers will instantly get notified about leaks through our app or via email. By using historical data, you can track, manage and follow up on events.

  • 6

    Advanced features

    Connect Leakomatic to your access control system and connect operational alarms to your security alarm system.

Completely wireless and cloud based service