How it works

Detects even the smallest leaks

The patented technology behind our intelligent water leak sensor was developed to discover even the smallest leaks. By understanding the entire water flow, Leakomatic will react instantly to any changes in water flows and usage. This way we can a prevent leak before it causes catastrophic damages to your home or business.

Whether you’re at home, work or abroad, Leakomatic protects you 24/7, 365 days a year.

3 features that guarantee complete protection

  • Tightness test (all models)

    Most water damages are caused by small and hidden leaks. Detecting them as quickly as possible is key to prevent against damages caused by mold and bad inside air

  • Flow test (all models)

    The flow test protects your your water bill and the environment. The Flow test feature allows you to choose a set time for the water supply

  • Drop test (M4i, Pro1 and Pro-X

    The Drop leak test reacts to sudden or slow but continues drop leakage. It intelligently analyses water pulses to find abnormal usage patterns

  • Volume test (Pro1 and Pro-X)

    A burst pipe allows huge amount of water to flow freely causing severe damage in just minutes. The volume test shut off the water supply immediately if the water flow gets too high

The technology behind the Leakomatic system

The Leakomatic should be installed by your main water line as close to the water meter as possible. A strainer and check valve will prevent tap water from re-entering your house and also keep an even water pressure throughout your house. This will increase the lifespan of your plumbing fixtures while at the same time making sure that the Leakomatic’s setup is optimized to detect the smallest leaks.

The strainer will protect your Leakomatic device and other water consuming equipment from dirt, sand and other particles that can enter the house.

Your Leakomatic valve unit consists of:

Magnetic valve to shut off water
– Sensor that registers drips and flows and sends data to motherboard for analysis

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