Leakomatic Pro Cloud

Manage your water from the Cloud

Leakomatic Cloud makes it easy for you to manage your water leak detection system from anywhere. All you need is a laptop, tablet or smartphone. You’ll get a dashboard overview of your property’s daily, weekly and monthly water usage, and all data can be easily exported into Excel sheets for further analysis.

Through clever visualizations, our Cloud service lets you monitor the water supply in your property in real time. All alerts and notifications will be stored for further analysis. The settings for your Leakomatic device can easily be accessed and managed through the Cloud.

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Adjust setup based on your needs

Switch between Home and Away modes and choose your preferred way of receiving alerts, either through push notification or email. You can choose to notify multiple people such as a janitor or property manager at the event of any leak or other emergencies. Use the app to shut off the water supply if necessary.

We’re constantly working to improve our Cloud service and happily work with companies to cater to their needs. If you have any specific requirements or need a customized solution, let’s talk.

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