What is a Leakomatic?

The Leakomatic has three features offering you full protection from water leaks.
These features can be tuned for adapting the Leakomatic for your house.

Tightness test

Ensures that your house is protected against hidden leakage 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Most water damages are caused by small hidden leakages. Early detection of a leak, before it escalates, is critical for successful damage prevention. The unique sensitivity of the LeakomaticTM and its Tightness test is uncomparable.

Flow test

Preventing heavy water damages by controlling the water flow and its set flow duration. Flow leakage can in a short time leak out large volumes of fresh water. The flow control protects your house, your water bill and the environment. The different operating modes allows you to have the optimal settings for the duration of the water flow whether the building is in use or left empty.

Quick test

Reacts on sudden drop leakage. Analyses the usage pulses of the last hour to find abnormal usage patterns. The Quick test is less sensitive than the Tightness test but allows you to quickly find common errors, for example dripping faucets, which wastes both fresh water and money.

Why Leakomatic?

Our vision is to offer homeowners a future without water leakages. Together with our clients we have secured over 10,000 properties. Every day gives us a new opportunity to help you to a safer and more secure living.

Safer living

We’ve developed the patented Leakomatic censor, the markets’ best leak detector of hidden leakages, and the only one that can be customized for the individual conditions of each home. Naturally, you have a full access to water around the clock while your Leakomatic is monitoring your home – safely and comfortably.

Save money

Water damages can become very expensive even if you have an insurance. You can risk increased insurance premiums, deductibles and age deductions. Water damages account for 60 % of the claims paid by home insurances and thus they include the highest risk for damage for houses.

Save the environment

With Leakomatic you reduce the risk of mold damage and allergies. You prevent carbondioxide emissions caused when repairing unnecessary water damages. Additionally, you reduce water consumption which has a positive effect on both the supply and the quality of your drinking water.

Award-winning and the Best in Test

We are proud of our focus on quality. Over the years our work has been recognized with the National Innovation Award in Finland and our products have always achieved top rankings in independent tests.

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The obvious choice

“We haven't even dared thinking what could have happened without our Leakomatic.”
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